It is all about our environment

Promenade Gardens, with its dual environmental certificate, incorporates various measures and innovative features. To provide efficient and ergonomic lighting solutions, we use occupancy and daylight sensors and energy-saving LED light fixtures. Energy-efficient elevators enable quick and resourceful vertical traffic between the five floors in each tower. To safeguard our water supplies we use harvested rainwater for flushing toilets and urinals, and watering our internal community garden. With separate metering, we have the capacity to generate comparative data that enables us to monitor potable water versus rainwater consumption. Our faucets and showerheads are also equipped with built-in low-flow aerators for maximum savings.

Thermal comfort was also an important consideration when we planned Promenade Gardens, so we opted for an energy-efficient VRV system connected to radiant heating-cooling ceiling panels on office premises. The above average clear internal height of 3 meters makes even denser seating arrangements spacious and airy. The fresh air supply we can provide in the building is 12,5 liter/second/person, which is exemplary in these types of buildings at such high occupancy levels. With our high-quality building management system, we are able to closely monitor and optimize the overall energy- and water performance of our mixed-use office building.

Biodiverse green walls and extensive green surfaces – apart from being fine aesthetic features – also improve air quality and increase humidity levels. The location attributes of the site are also very favorable, with various modes of public transportation within reach, as well as bicycle roads and a 6-lane arterial road. To encourage sustainable ways of commuting, we provide electric- and hybrid car chargers, as well as bicycle storage with lockers and showers in the building.

During the current construction phase, we pay great attention to protecting the physical environment, and those living around. To minimize the unavoidable dust pollution of ground works, we used a steam cannon onsite. We also built a 45-meter-long wall, protecting little residents of the neighboring kindergarten and nursery from both noise and dust. All vehicles leaving the site are properly cleaned before they rejoin main traffic paths. Most products and materials used in the building are local or regional, environmentally friendly, recycled, and preferably certified, meeting all sustainability and safety requirements.

  • 25,000

    accommodating large
    size requirements

  • 5

    4,300 sqm 
    continuous floorplates

  • 4

    A, B
    C, D

  • 2x

    LEED Gold
    BREEAM Very Good

  • 100%

    fully occupied
    by satisfied tenants